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Is Israel heading towards becoming a rogue state with unchecked support from the US?

The recent violence between Palestinians and Israelis is not solely the responsibility of the Hamas and Netanyahu governments; the stains of blood also lie on the hands of the Western powers. However, it is true that Palestinian militants initiated an attack on Israeli settlements near Gaza on October 7th. Yet, this attack did not originate from any specific location, nor were there prior warnings. Israel claims they did not provoke any aggression. However, the credibility of that claim is debatable. Western governments are well aware of the true plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. However, they have been tacitly supporting Israel's attacks against Palestinians for decades.

Western governments have been supporting incidents of displacement of Palestinians from their homeland and the continued imprisonment of others. Over the past 16 years, Western support for Israel has not waned even slightly. Even after Israel transformed the Gaza Strip into a horrific camp of torture and abuse, Western nations have stood by them. Palestinians are given food and electricity by rationing. However, essential needs of life are not adequately met. Gradually, their access to clean water sources is being cut off. Restrictions are imposed on delivering medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to hospitals. Therefore, this is by no means an inadvertent issue.

Western governments have been aware of Israel's crimes in a timely manner. Their diplomats have been briefed through confidential cables, and they are informed about the atrocities of the apartheid state of Israel through countless reports from human rights organizations. So far, Western politicians haven't done anything substantial to stop Israeli aggression. They haven't exerted any significant pressure. Instead, they have consistently rewarded Israel with unwavering military, economic, and diplomatic support. In 1914, leaders were sleepwalkers. They were alert but unable to see, immersed in a dream. They were about to bring about the terrifying realities into the world, yet they were completely blind to its consequences. The narrative of the First World War's outbreak is depicted in this manner in the book 'The Sleepwalkers' by historian Christopher Clark. In this book, Clarke paints a picture of a multipolar world rife with imperialism and depravity at the time, and he refrains from pinning the blame for the First World War on any single power.

Instead, he explains how political leaders, by a single misstep towards war, shrank the possibilities of peaceful stability and how they, like haunted individuals, walked towards a catastrophic global crisis, resulting in the deaths of nearly twenty million people. War became the only resolution. With this belief in mind, our political leaders today, once again, amidst crisis after crisis, continue to stumble through the midst of adversity.

However, the main difference between the leaders of that time and today's leaders is that today's leaders are not walking into the battlefield in their sleep. They are doing what they do with eyes wide open. For several months, millions of people around the world have been protesting against the violence in Gaza, aiming to halt the loss of lives and bring an end to the perpetual cycle of violence. However, these protests are not being heeded; instead, they are being undermined. Even the characters of the protesters are being maligned.

Amid escalating tensions in the Middle East, Israel has launched missile attacks against Iran. It is now apparent that if major global powers engage themselves in this conflict, even tangentially, the all-out war between Israel and Iran could spell catastrophic consequences for humanity, the economy, and the environment worldwide. For several months, human society has been forced to endure a singularly ominous threat that will perpetually haunt humanity. Countless families in Gaza have been annihilated. Those who survive this onslaught will carry the scars of mental anguish for life. This is birthing a generation plagued by terror.

In some areas, entire neighborhoods have been transformed into graveyards. Surrounded by the sight of corpses and dismembered remains, they must now eke out their existence. Medical professionals are resorting to makeshift surgeries on the wounded without painkillers. Unable to bear the torment of hunger, children scavenge for scraps and consume them. They are forced to make bread from animal feed. If the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people is not already creating the worst possible situation then what else could be considered as most dire consequence of that situation?

This question begs attention. Many sounded alarms last October, warning of the imminent annihilation of Gaza and its people.

Despite calls from political leaders to end the atrocities of war crimes committed before everyone's eyes, no tangible results have been achieved. Consequently, after so long, some politicians have started to fear stepping back from their own inhumane actions. If they truly had any integrity, they would shed tears for the innocent Palestinians who have perished due to their politically expedient atrocities, leaving hundreds of thousands of blameless Palestinians crushed beneath the weight of oppression and starvation. School textbooks today often teach children about the most heinous crimes against humanity in history. They explore how such crimes occurred in the past and they are asked to think about it. Through these books, students learn the names of politicians who perpetrated or supported such atrocities.

In the distant future, our history books will condemn today's leaders who had the opportunity to stop this genocide but instead chose the path of war and rejoiced in it. They will be remembered for their failure in preventing genocide. The world needs politicians who have the genuine capacity and desire to alleviate tensions and make diplomacy easier. However, their thirst for war is putting all our lives in jeopardy. Instead of calling for disarmament at the onset of conflict, the UK government has initiated military attacks against one of the poorest countries in the world, Yemen. Simultaneously, Israel has doubled its arms exports policy, which is truly tragic.

Many have sacrificed their entire lives in the pursuit of defending human rights against formidable obstacles. Critics acknowledge this.They are actually opposing the desire to build a more equal, sustainable and peaceful world for all. And that is why such crimes are being committed in the world. The Western world is no less responsible for the barbaric behavior Israel has now embarked on in Gaza. The Defense Minister of Israel, Yoav Galant, has decided to halt food and electricity supplies as part of a military campaign. This is a violation of human rights. In a deplorable comparison, he likened Palestinian men, women, and children living in makeshift housing to animals. However, history repeatedly demonstrates how engaging in inhumane treatment towards humans can have catastrophic consequences.

It's true that today's great tragedy stems from the indifference and bias of Western powers. Alongside that, the systematic oppression perpetuated by Israel against the Palestinian civilians year after year has also contributed to this collective disaster.

The continued support of Western powers and the labeling of Israeli military oppression as a "humanitarian crisis" have allowed Israelis to commit crimes with impunity. There is a genuine need for a true reconciliation with the Palestinians. Israel must be compelled to foster a genuine, normal relationship with its Arab neighbors. The imposition of another peace deal Americana by the United States in the Middle East (following World War II) must be stopped. Palestinians should not be compelled to endure all their suffering silently, as Westerners anticipate. The reason behind this is that when Palestinians cry out, everything is exposed in front of the general public of Western countries, creating the risk that the rules-based world order advocated by Western leaders is actually a façade. This is now a debated issue. Various political commentators and leaders have already described Israel as a burden to Western allies. They say Israel's leaders have lost their way.

In this situation, the question arises, is it not yet time to declare Israel as a rogue state? Labeling a country as 'rogue state' has a sordid history. The West has used this term as a weapon to attack those countries which it considers as a threat to its interests. Due to unwavering support from the United States, Israel has indeed emerged as a true rogue state. However, countries like Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, and Belgium have suspended arms sales to Tel Aviv due to its conduct. From this, it can be understood that influential countries have begun to acknowledge Israel's misconduct. It seems that anyone can hope now that Israel will soon become intolerable even to its allies, including the United States. And this will pave the way for the liberation of Palestine. In conclusion, let global conscience awaken, and let humanity prevail.

Author: Researcher and Columnist

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