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Ju-Jitsu Association general secretary arrested in rape case

 VB  Desk

VB Desk

Sat, 18 May 24

The Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) on Saturday (May 18) arrested two individuals, including Rafiqual Islam Newton, general secretary of the Bangladesh Ju-Jitsu Association, in connection with a rape case of a female athlete.

Arafat Islam, the director of the Legal and Media Wing of Rab, confirmed the matter during a press briefing at the Karwan Bazar media center.

He said, "Recently, various media outlets in the country have published investigative reports against the general secretary of the Ju-Jitsu Association, Rafiqul Islam Newton, regarding the sexual harassment of a female athlete. Subsequently, a female athlete from the Ju-Jitsu Association filed a case against Rafiqul Islam under the Prevention of Child Abuse and Pornography Act."

Following this, the intelligence branch of the Rab forces headquarters and a team from Rab-12 raided the Shah Ali and Mirpur areas of the capital. Rafiqul Islam Newton (65) and his female accomplice were arrested. During preliminary interrogation, the suspects provided information about their involvement in the rape.

Arafat Islam said, "During the initial interrogation, it was found that Rafiqul Islam Newton, who has been arrested, holds the position of a sports instructor and also serves as the general secretary of the Bangladesh Ju-Jitsu Association. A significant number of the association's trainees are women. It was revealed that Rafiqul made promises of career advancement and opportunities abroad to the trainees, subsequently engaging in crimes such as rape and physical abuse."

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