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Strict measures should be taken against those involved in leaking question papers

Editorial  Desk

Editorial Desk

Wed, 10 Jul 24

The leaking of question papers has spread in Bangladesh like an epidemic. From the first grade to almost all competitive exams, incidents of question paper leaks are occurring regularly. Additionally, there have been allegations of question paper leaks in various recruitment exams as well. Recently, such an incident has occurred in the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC), which is known as the most reliable institution of the government. Allegations of question paper leaks have emerged for nearly 30 recruitment exams under PSC, including BCS cadre and non-cadre exams. Such allegations are a severe warning sign for the country's education system.

The entire nation has been stunned by this news published in the media. The report claims that question papers were leaked in almost 30 cadre and non-cadre exams from the 33rd BCS to the 46th BCS. Senior officials of the PSC are involved in the question paper leaks. For those who have sacrificed almost all their happiness and desires in the first 30 years of their lives, dedicating themselves to the BCS exam with the hope of securing at least a non-cadre first or second-class job at the PSC, this news is nothing short of a thunderbolt! It is a mockery by the state.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police has arrested 17 people, including two Deputy Directors and two Assistant Directors of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), on charges of involvement in leaking question papers for various recruitment exams, including the Bangladesh Railway's Sub-Assistant Engineer exam. Among those arrested is Syed Abed Ali, a former driver of the BPSC, who is accused of amassing a large fortune through question paper leaks. On Sunday, July 7, and Monday, July 8, raids were conducted in various areas of the capital, leading to the arrest of these 17 individuals.

The question arises, how can a driver leak question paper? How did he become a millionaire through illegal means? And that too in such an important government institution? Is there no one to oversee this? Is there no law and order in the country? Is there any account of how many students' lives have been ruined by these irregularities, crimes, and corruptions? Who will compensate for their ruined lives?

Bangladesh has become a corrupt country in every aspect today. There is no remaining sense of values or ethics among the people. As long as one can make money in any way possible, nothing else matters. Socially, they do not have to face any questions or accountability for their actions.

If things continue like this, the country will inevitably head towards destruction. These crimes cannot be taken lightly in any way. It is not just individuals who are responsible for this; the entire system is to blame. The government must take strong measures to curb these crimes. Otherwise, in the end, these crimes will point fingers at the government itself and label the country as a failed state.

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