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Electrical disturbance halts Metrorail, trains stranded at several stations

 VB  Desk

VB Desk

Sat, 25 May 24

Dhaka Metrorail came to a halt at 7.00pm due to electrical disturbance. Trains are currently stuck at several stations, including Secretariat and Uttara Uttar.

On Saturday (May 25) at 7:30 pm, MAN Siddique, the Managing Director of Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL), stated that efforts are underway to rectify the error. He explained that the interruption in train movement was caused by an electrical disturbance.

Mahmud Khan, Additional Deputy Commissioner of MRT Police, explained that train operations were halted from 7 pm due to central server complications. He stated, "We've learned that Metrorail systems are affected wherever they operate due to central server issues. They've assured us that efforts are underway to resolve the situation promptly."

Trains have become stuck at various stations, including Uttara Uttar and Bangladesh Secretariat. A large number of passengers are currently onboard, intending to reach their destinations. Assistance is being offered to those who wish to disembark from the train.

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