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Facebook keeps 30% of BTRC's request, removes 50,000 posts in 3 years

Senior  reporter

Senior reporter

Wed, 26 Jun 24

Offensive content posting and criminal activities are on the rise online, including Facebook and other social media platforms.

In such circumstance, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is set to restructure its 'digital security cell' to handle such cyber crimes. The Manpower structure and scope of work are being changed in this purpose.

What is Digital Security Cell:

This cell of BTRC works in coordination with the country's 19 law enforcement agencies, including intelligence agencies, armed forces, police and ministries concerned.

They work to remove various objectionable content including anti-state, anti-social, pornography, online harmful games, online betting or gambling, cultural and religious incitement, extremism and militancy on social media platforms and online.

According to the regulatory body, the number of users have increased a lot through digital media including social media, domains, apps and OTT platforms. Along with this, abuse and crime have increased online. The authorities concerned receive a large number of content moderation requests from law enforcement and government agencies and process them accordingly subject to necessary approvals.

According to the BTRC, the Digital Security Cell reports an average of 130 requests for removal of links or posts per day to the social media platform concerned.

Now the number of position is being increased from four to nine in this cell while the total manpower is being made 36 from existing 21.

BTRC Chairman Engineer Md Mohiuddin Ahmed said, 'BTRC is constantly working so that the people of the country can use the Internet and online media safely and not to be victims of fraud and crime.'

He said that the approval has already been given to increase the number of positions and manpower of digital security cell of the BTRC. As a result, this cell will be able to work more actively and extensively.

Regarding misuse of digital media including betting or gambling site-apps, State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said, 'Recently we sat with Department of Telecom, National Telecom Monitoring Center, Computer Council, BTRC and Cyber ​​Security Agency on these issues. The Police and Intelligence, all of whom have the capacity, are collectively giving a drive. We will continuously block them by applying more advanced technology. We are trying to block what we are getting in various sources including the media.'

Contents that were removed from social media platforms including Facebook in 3 years:

The BTRC sent 149,704 post removal requests to social media platforms including Facebook in threr years. Out of the total request, social media have removed 50,595 links or posts with 33.80 percent removal rate.

Websites or domains have been terminated as follows:

A total of 5,641 websights and domains have been closed in three years over specific allegations of abusive, misuse and criminal activities.

Betting or Gambling Sites:

BTRC has blocked 2,387 websites or domains in the last one year. At this time, 267 apps have been requested to be shut while 106 have been closed. A total of 9,672 related pages or posts have been requested to be closed on social media while 8,213 have been shut.

Pornography and Offensive Sites:

A total of 1,880 websites or domains were closed in one year, 1,055 issues have been placed before social media platforms authorities where 712 have been closed.

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