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He absconds after going to US

Senior  reporter

Senior reporter

Sun, 9 Jun 24

An official of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) has gone into hiding after going to the United States of America.

The official, a divisional engineer of the BTCL, is Biswajit Roy. BTCL has not found any trace of him after he spent five years in America on education and other leaves.

The Post and Telecommunication Division tried to contact him in every way as per the rules but failed to find out his whereabouts. Finally, on May 14 last, he was dismissed for misconduct and absconding.

According to the termination order signed by Post and Telecommunication Secretary Abu Hena Morshed Zaman on the order of the President, as per the Government Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, he has been dismissed from the job after allegations of misconduct and absconding have been proven beyond doubt.

A top official of the telecommunication division said that Biswajit Roy took a one-year study leave in 2015 and went to an American university to obtain masters degree. Then in 2017, his study leave was extended for one more year.

“Later, in 2018, he got the approval of a three-year OSD post. It was extended by another year in 2021. Biswajit applied for further extension of OSD term in July 2021. But the Telecommunication Division asked him to return to country and join the service. After that he did not maintain contact with his workplace,” the official said.

The division then appointed Joint Secretary Priyasindhu Talukdar as the investigation officer in this regard.

Allegations of 'desertion' were proved in the investigation report. Biswajit Roy was served with the second show cause notice, to which no reply was received.

Along with the Telecommunications Division, the Public Service Commission (PSC) also agreed to dismiss him from the job. Later the BTCL official was terminated from job with the consent of the President.

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