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Train communications to and from Dhaka resume after 6 hrs

 VB  Desk

VB Desk

Wed, 10 Jul 24

Rail communication with Dhaka was closed for 6 hours on Wednesday (July 10) due to the movement created by college and university students demanding cancellation of quota system in government jobs.

Finally, the train movement started again as the students left the railway, through the Mohanganj Express train which left from Kamalapur railway station at 5:20pm. The train was scheduled to leave Kamalapur at 1:15pm.

On Wednesday (July 10), the Anti-discrimination Student Movement called for a nationwide morning-evening 'Bangla Blockade' programme. Around 11:00am, some students of Dhaka University took position at Karwan Bazar intersection. Later, students of other schools, colleges and educational institutions in the vicinity blocked the nearby railway track running beside the FDC by throwing logs. The anti-quota students staged a blockade at Mohakhali railway crossing also by throwing logs. Due to this, rail communication between Dhaka and rest of the country was disrupted.

According to sources concerned, 8 trains were stuck at Kamalapur station due to students' blockade. Apart from this, no train could enter the capital from outside Dhaka. Finally the Chalantika Express from Dhaka managed to travel towards its destination on time. Some trains including Banlata, Silk City, Chattla Express are stuck at various stations on the way to Dhaka. Meanwhile, the railway authorities said that even though the train movement has started, it will take some time to normalize the schedule.

Although blockade programme ended in the evening, the protesting students said that their movement will continue until their demands are met. Their movement will be tougher and more participatory in the future.

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